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Hammer and Flame

The Empire currently feels it is at peace, but cannot fathom the danger beyond its borders and within.

Character Creation

Any non-Scorpion characters are guest stars. As such they have a considerable leeway in their history. The Scorpion must all be from within the same province and in service to Bayushi Ayako.

For more details on Character Creation and Backgrounds please go to those pages.

Please fill out the Character Questionnaire and include it in your Background section on your character sheet.


With this setup before the beginning of the game – each session will be recorded in the adventure log and relevant NPCs will be entered into the character section. Still, I’ll try and maintain a running summary as well.

The Story So Far

Dochu-no-Sei Province


Notable Locations

Shiro Chugo

Authority Figures

Helpful Information

Once we get started, I know how easy it is to miss writing things down. I’ll be keeping an experience log for each session. I’ll also try and make footnotes on honor, glory and status changes between sessions.

The Dramatis Personæ section provides shorter notes on encountered characters and NPCs that don’t need a full write-up as NPCs or will just provide a shorter summary.

The Samurai of Renown and Import section provides a summary of names your characters should know (from a Scorpion perspective). These are people you may never meet but you should know the major daimyo and champions of the Empire, the Empress’s name and the like.

The Useful Links section sends you to other L5R websites that can be useful for background research or important character information things.

Main Page

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