Character Creation

The four core Scorpion characters are created as Rank One samurai. At Rank One they have a choice between Bayushi Bushi, Bayushi Courtier, Soshi Shugenja, Yogo Shugenja, Shosuro Shinobi or Shosuro Butei.

Each character will roll three times on the heritage table, in front of the GM for sake of Fiat and not having everyone end up with the same results.

Ancestor rules are not being used. Otherwise any book may be used that we have a copy of. If a book is purchased later and you would have preferred a spell or advantage out of it – we will accomodate your preferences.

Books Available

  • L5R 3rd Edition Core Book
  • L5R 3rd Edition Revised Core Book
  • The Four Winds
  • The Vacant Throne
  • Masters of Court
  • Master of Magic
  • Creatures of Rokugan
  • Art of the Duel
  • Fealty and Freedom

Additional material available under the Background section.

Guest stars have a lot more leeway. Essentially they can be anything and are of an experience level roughly equivalent with the core cast. A player can have up to three guest stars that will rotate in and out over the course of the storyline.

Guest stars can be samurai of any clan, shapeshifters, naga, peasants, monks, ronin or anything else that is interesting and will work within the scope of the campaign. It ultimately matters more about the idea. As long as it will work well and not derail a session it will probably work.

I need a basic understanding on your idea for a thumbs up or down. Beyond that, again anything legal in the books should be okay. You have a lot more freedom – with the draw back that while the evening’s story may very much be about you, the overall campaign arc is not.

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Character Creation

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